Mini ITX motherboard for budget and build a portable gaming performance PCs

Nov, 2019

When you customize a portable desktop computer for yourself, please pay attention to some important features.

The first is the size of the motherboard, and the mini-ITX size makes portability possible.

The second is the choice of CPU. If you are using a Sandy Bridge CPU, such as Core i5-2500K or Core i7-2600K, you need a motherboard with LGA 1155 slot and a built-in video output port, which will save you. The next expansion of the graphics card money.

The third is the SATA port, which will support faster data transfer rates on newer hard drives and solid-state drives (not to mention more SATA ports will provide room for more devices).

The fourth is the USB port support, which is ready for the future.


Intel: SZMZ Mini-ITX H61 ($30)

For Sandy Bridge-based computers with limited budgets, I recommend the SZMZ Mini-ITX H61. The motherboard is based on the H61 chipset, which takes advantage of the overclocked potential of the unlocked Core i5-2500K and supports integrated graphics capabilities of the CPU.

Mini-ITX H61 motherboard

The motherboard provides two DIMM slots for up to 16GB of RAM and supports RAM at speeds up to 1600mhz. You will also find four 3gbps SATA2 ports. The SZMZ Mini-ITX H61 also offers six USB 2.0 ports, but only one PCI Express 2.0 x8 slot. This arrangement limits you to a single graphics card, but this is enough for a PC with a limited budget.

RAM: A Great Bargain for Any PC

As you're selecting components for your tailor-made PC, you'll probably find that settling on the amount of memory is the easiest decision you'll have to make. Since RAM has become incredibly cheap, you have little reason not to grab a hefty amount.

gaming RAM for desktop

SZMZ 1600MHz DDR3, 8GB ($18)

The SZMZ RAMs are speedy, and equipped with heat spreaders to regulate temperatures. The modules themselves happen to look great, too (if RAM turns you on, that is). More important, you can find 8GB of this memory for as little as $36(8GBx2). Faster RAM is available on the market, but if you’re simply looking to minimize multitasking bottlenecks, this choice of RAM is a steal.

Note: You can click on the link to contact us to give you choices, more components, and higher performance options.

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