SZMZ's motherboard factory located in Shiyan town 10 miles north of Shenzhen North Station. We are happy to have you come for a tour, but it's a little short on details, Call or email if you want to visit.

Printing before patching
All motherboards start with a blank PCB board that is neatly inserted into the feed port, waiting to be printed with solder paste.
The fully automatic press brushes a thin layer of solder paste where all the chips are connected to the substrate.
SMT component placement systems
The high-speed SMT machine, like a printer, places various components on the substrate in the pin direction, and the solder paste gently sticks the parts. A dozen white feeding belts on the placement machine constantly provide different parts for the machine like a magazine. The operator only needs to define the direction of the part on the substrate to be "printed" in advance.

wave soldering machine
The motherboard released from the SMT machine, the parts are only gently glued to the board, this time through the wave soldering machine. The wave soldering machine allows the solder paste to melt at the moment of passing, and the parts are firmly soldered to the substrate.
AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection
Fully automatic optical inspection machine, under the magnifying glass of 600 times, the automatic image recognition technology will check the welding results of each motherboard, and select the semi-finished products of the non-wetting.

Pre-inserted components
There are so many different parts on the motherboard. The entire board requires more than 10 stations to complete the pre-installed components. Each station is responsible for only one or two components to improve efficiency.
Reflow soldering
The bottom of the welder is equipped with a tank filled with liquid tin. When the main board passes, the surface tension causes the liquid tin to be automatically adsorbed on the pins of the parts on the back of the main board. After the main board leaves the tin bath, the long cutting stitch is cut by the rear cutting machine. Then, through the cleaning machine, remove the flux remaining on the main board.

Full-featured test
The cleaned motherboard requires full-featured testing to ensure reliable and stable operation of the operating system in harsh environments. The test uses the batch execution, sequentially testing each interface, pins, and any defective products that cause the test program to fail to execute, will be disassembled.
For different customer needs, we offer a variety of packaging methods, industrial packaging refers to bulk packaging, 10 or 20 per case, we also provide retail packaging, the minimum order quantity is 1000pcs, click here for details.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.